Anti-Racist Groups and Campaign Links

Love Music - Hate Racism
Love Music Hate Racism uses the positive energy of the music scene to fight back against the racism being pushed by Nazi organisations like the BNP.

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns
NCADC is a voluntary organisation, which provides practical help and advice to people facing deportation on how to launch and run anti-deportation campaigns.

Unite Against Fascism
Unite Against Fascism is a national campaign aiming to alert British society to the rising threat of the extreme right gaining an electoral foothold in this country, in particular the British National Party (BNP).

Stand up to UKIP SUTU
Stand up to UKIP is an umbrella organisation which believes women, trade unions, anti-
racists, black, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, other faith communities, LGBT, young people, students and all good people, must unite and stand up to UKIP, racism and bigotry.