Rank and File Links

PCS Left unity
Left Unity, the Socialist group within the PCS.

UCU left
The UCULeft is a national organisation of UCU activists committed to ensuring that the new union has a democratic structure through which members can determine policy, and elected officers and professional officials can be held accountable

Busworker is a resource for trade union activists who work on the buses in the UK. If you are part of the fightback, then Busworker is for you. We want it to be a place for discussion, debates – and if necessary disagreement.

London call centre workers’ blog
This blog has been set up by call centre workers in London to help organise, exchange info about what different workplaces are like and tell others what work’s going. From market research to sales or charity callers, we want to get everyone helping each other out.

UNISON United Left (UUL)
UNISON United Left (UUL) is UNISON'S broad left organisation, for rank and file UNISON members to organise and network to fight for members and ensure UNISON remains a democratic union. We stand for solidarity, democracy, internationalism, and for a fighting, member-led union