Party Notes

12th September 2016

Building a mass movement to combat the rise of racism

We’re just weeks away from the election of Labour’s leader and in the midst of ongoing political turmoil post EU referendum.

The media is still dominated by Labour’s leadership race with Owen Smith proving himself increasingly accident prone and Jeremy Corbyn continuing to speak to mass audiences.

Attempts to exclude pro-Corbyn voters continue, but took a blow with the reinstatement of BFAWU’s General Secretary Ronnie Draper after his suspension from the party.

Shoulder to shoulder

We stand shoulder to shoulder with all those seeking Corbyn’s re-election. That’s why it’s so important we are at every Corbyn rally and Momentum event showing our solidarity and debating the best way forward.

Comrades across the North West of England should be registering now for the Momentum “The World Transformed” event at Labour conference on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September, register here

Theresa May’s re-boot of Grammar Schools shows she’s heading right at a rate of knots.

Tory plans would drive education back to the days of “secondary modern” schools, when only a tiny elite were given access to a wider curriculum and progression to university education.

Tory attacks on the NHS continue and nobody should write off the possibility of further action by junior doctors against the imposition of new contracts. BMA members are set to strike again on 5 – 7 and 10 – 11 October, 14 – 18 November, 5 – 9 December. In South London a very successful solidarity meeting was held with BMA members on Friday night. Other initiatives have been held last week in East London (where plans were being made for a demo in October) and Barnsley. We need to be at the heart of similar initiatives across the country.

The combination of attacks mean that the People’s Assembly demo on Sunday 2 October at the Tory Party conference has the potential to be a big show of defiance against austerity. We need to make sure that we are at the heart of building the protest.

While of course the election of Jeremy Corbyn is pivotal, building the anti-austerity movement on the streets and the workplaces is crucial. That means pushing for the biggest possible turn out in Birmingham. Check out details of local transport to the demo here

Divide and rule

Theresa May is clearly prepared to play to the Tory gallery (and ex UKIP voters) on the question of migrants and immigration.

We cannot develop an effective movement against austerity without breaking from the idea that migrant workers and refugees are the enemy.

At this week’s TUC Congress Unite’s Len McCluskey and others have made strong statements against racism and division in the wake of the Brexit vote. A GMB motion calls for the TUC to build a mass “Stand Up to Racism” movement and organise a national demonstration against racism. This is all every important, because it shows that big forces in the labour movement agree that we have to combat the rise of racism now.

The Stand up to Racism conference on Saturday 8 October (with over 800 people registered so far and Jeremy Corbyn as the headline speaker) offers us the chance to launch a mass campaign against racism in every town, city, workplace and college campus. If you haven’t registered already do so fast here

Comrades in every local Stand Up to Racism group should be fighting down to the wire to build the biggest possible event and make sure that outside London there is cheap transport to the event so nobody is priced out of taking part.

In London there is an important open organising meeting for the Stand up to Racism conference next Monday 19 September, 6pm at the NUT HQ, Hamilton House. Details here

Just a beginning

But the conference is just the beginning. Already many Stand up to Racism groups are laying out plans for the autumn. Coventry and South London Stand up to Racism sent off delegations to the Calais refugee camp this weekend. Many groups are organising major events in October (Black history Month) to “roll out” activity from the national conference.

Stand up to Racism nationally has plans to launch major initiatives around enacting the Dubs amendment to the Immigration Bill (unaccompanied refugee children being allowed to come to Britain), opposing Islamophobia and building solidarity with refugees.

Stand up to Racism has the potential to become a mass movement in Britain, we want to see that potential fulfilled.

This Saturday, 17 September, the Refugees Welcome Here march is taking place in London, organised by a number of major NGOs and supported by Stand up to Racism. The march is on the anniversary of the 50,000 strong demonstration last autumn in support of refugees. It will assemble on Park Lane at 12.30pm.

Comrades should be on the transport to London for Saturday’s demo. We’re asking SWP members to meet at Hyde Park Corner tube for 10.30am to help run stalls.

All Saturday’s sales in London should be cancelled to concentrate on building support for the march but every branch should organise a campaigning week night sale.

Volunteer with SUTR this Saturday in London

This Saturday Stand Up to Racism will be having a bloc on the Refugees Welcome demonstration Can you volunteer on one of SUTR's stalls at the demonstration? If you are available please email for more information.

If you want to be a part of the Stand Up to Racism bloc on the Refugees Welcome demo - assemble 12pm outside the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane (Nearest tube Hyde Park Corner). Stand up to Racism bloc event page here

Download resources

Flyer for Stand up to Racism organising meetings attached

Black Lives Matter Poster here

Fight Racism and Islamophobia poster here

Migrants and refugees welcome poster here

Refugees welcome poster here

Stand up to Racism national conference flyer here

Students: Get to 6th Forms and Freshers Fairs –Lets get to the colleges!

As the Labour leadership race hots up and we get nearer to SUtR conference, its crucial that every branch has a strategy about how to relate to students. Young people have been at the forefront of recent mobilisations around Corbyn and anti-racism, so we should be able to get a big audience for socialist ideas on campuses and colleges.

6th forms 6th forms are back now! Every branch should try and set up campaigning stalls outside. We have lots to speak to them about – transport to demo at Tory Party conference, transport to SUTR conference (where there will be a student session), branch meetings. We should think about branch meeting titles that are attractive for students, and make sure we have leaflets for them on 6th form stalls – ‘Is socialism possible?’ ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Can Corbyn beat the establishment?’ are all good titles to have in September.

Universities & Freshers Fairs Universities begin to go back from next week, although Scotland and others go back this week. Every branch needs to check what date the Fresher Fair is. In places where SWSS is registered, we will be able to have stalls inside the Fairs, but even if we are not registered, we should go for SWSS stalls outside. Outside the Fair often gives you a better atmosphere to speak to students and sign people up to SWSS. SUTR conference gives us a great opportunity to get students involved with anti-racist work. We should also make sure we have SWSS sign up sheets on our stalls so we can get students contact details and get them involved in SWSS. Please let Lewis in the student office know what Freshers you are covering and what meetings you’ve got set up on 0207 840 5610

Every branch should go for a SWSS or branch meetings for the week after Freshers that we build on campus. Please speak with the student office about this. ATTACHED is a list of SWSS meeting titles. The first SWSS meeting of the term should be “Is socialism possible?” – a leaflet is attached. Branches should go for interesting meeting titles - ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Can Corbyn beat the establishment?’ etc - which we poster for and do stalls for on campus.

Local SUTR organising meetings should be set up for the end of September so we can invite students at Freshers. Use the attached flyer to build any SUTR meetings at 6th forms and universities.

Download “Is socialism possible” SWSS meeting flyer here

Other SWSS meeting titles are attached.

Corbyn rally & Momentum events in your area

Here are a list of upcoming JC4PM events but keep a good eye out for what’s going on in your area.

Brighton 13th Sept (Hosted by PCS)

Bristol 15th Sept
Newcastle 19th Sept
Doncaster 20th Sept: T ickets:
Liverpool 25th Sept (during the Labour Party Conference)
Liverpool 26th Sept (during t he Labour Party Conference) .
Birmingham 2nd Oct (during the Tory Party Conference)

Everyone will want to discuss the election result in the week after leadership results so make sure you plan in now your branch meeting to be on “After the leadership battle: where next for Corbyn and the Labour Party” – download here

Model motion: Back Corbyn build the resistance here

Back Corbyn – Start the fightback petition here

Back Corbyn -- Start the fightback leaflet here

Fight the Tories – Defend Corbyn placard here

For all our work around the Corbyn campaign you need the re-issued pamphlet Jeremy Corbyn, Labour and the fight for Socialism by Charlie Kimber. It has a new introduction which means it is right up to date.

Order now £3 one copy, £20 for ten, from 0r ring 020 7840 5600.

“Unwelcome the Tories” in Birmingham – build for the demonstration at Tory Party Conference Sun 2 October

Tories Out - Austerity Has Failed
Assemble 11:30am, Victoria Square, Birmingham

Coming just a week after the Labour leadership election result – the timing of this demo couldn’t be better. Book transport asap. There should be a coach from every area. Every union, campaign and activist group should be approached in your local area to support the demo, help fund it, send their banner and to advertise it to members.

Attached is a template flyer to add local transport details on. Make sure you have tickets to sell for transport. If you need more colour flyers or posters please contact the National Office.

· Please let us know in the National Office details of your transport as soon as you can. Email

The Facebook event for the demo is here

The People’s Conference: On Sat 1 Oct, the day before the demo, there will be a People’s Conference held in Birmingham Town Hall, Victoria Square, B3 3DQ, 10.30am-5pm. This will be a chance to discuss alternatives to the Tories’ agenda of austerity, privatisation and racism.

For full details for the event and to book a place go here

Socialist Worker Appeal – A socialist paper for a time of change: Help us raise £125,000

This year’s Socialist Worker Appeal is well under way, so far we have raised nearly £20,000. Every year we have a financial appeal to help keep Socialist Worker going. As Charlie Kimber says in last week’s paper ‘We need a clear socialist voice more than ever. Capitalism offers us war, racism, poverty and climate change disasters.’ As a paper Socialist Worker provides a voice for the oppressed and exploited, it constantly challenges the capitalist system: supporting Corbyn, defending refugees and fighting racism, organising support for strikers… It is a working class paper that relies on the support of workers, both inside and outside the party.

What you can do.

Make a donation. 020 7840 5620

Get an SW Appeal organiser for your branch. Many of the branches have already done this. If yours has not then this is now urgent.

Ask others about donating. This year the appeal publicity has a collection sheet on it. You can use this in workplaces, colleges, campaigns, TU branches etc.

Organise a social. As well as raising money socials are politically useful; helping us to draw contacts towards the party and providing a place for comrades to discuss the present situation.

If you haven’t received the Appeal publicity, if you need more or if you just want to discuss the Appeal then please call 020 7840 5620

Marxism in Scotland: Sat 29 Oct

Sat 29 Oct, 10am-5pm, Renfield St Stephens Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JP

Speakers include Judith Orr, Michael Roberts, Brid Smith and Talat Ahmed. Tickets can be booked via Eventbrite here

International Socialism Day School: Sat 15 Oct

The journal is holding a one day conference on Marxism and Nature on Saturday 15 October. Speakers include Canadian ecosocialist and author Ian Angus, Ted Benton, Martin Empson and Suzanne Jeffery.

The size of the demonstrations last year over climate change and the popularity of books like Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything shows that there is an audience for radical ideas on these topics.

The event is an opportunity to develop an understanding of Marx’s contributions to understanding ecology and the environment and debate and discuss their relevance today.

Book now here call 0207 840 5640 or email Facebook event here

Workplace Notes

Comrades in unions & workplaces should be pushing to build:

• Demonstration against the Tory Party conference on 2 Oct in Birmingham, called by the Peoples Assembly and Midlands TUC

• Stand Up to Racism conference, London 8 Oct – with Jeremy Corbyn speaking

• Unite the Resistance Conference, 12 Nov in London (see bleow)

A model motion you can use - or adapt – is available here : please let the industrial dept know if you pass it (0207 840 5605;;

Crown Post Offices: CWU members in Crown Post Offices (the large post offices on the High Street) are on strike this Thursday over job security and pensions read details here

You can find out where your local branch is here There will be a strike rally on the day at 12 noon, Westminster, contact if you can help.

UCU: The UCU Left is holding its national conference on Saturday 24 September. You can register for the event here

Higher Education Convention : With the HE White Paper/Bill working its way through parliament campaigners from across the movement will be gathering at the HE Convention on Saturday 15 October. Find out more and register for the Convention here

On Saturday 12 November, Unite the Resistance is holding a national conference , which will bring together those who have been at the forefront of striking back, and organising in unorganised areas, as well as leading campaigners from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), housing campaigns, and with a particular theme around migrant workers organising and fighting back. There will be international speakers bringing experiences from the struggle. As well as building networks of solidarity around the disputes taking place, it will also provide a space for union activists to discuss what the surge in the movement around Corbyn’s policies means for our unions, and how we can use this politicised movement to rebuild strong, fighting unions. So far speakers include Mark Serwotka PCS general secretary among others. Sign up here

Socialist Worker sales news

Comrades in Nottingham sold 115 Socialist Workers at the Jeremy Corbyn rally last Thursday and followed up by selling 40 papers at the annual Green Festival along with £63 of publications, including a lot of Charlie's pamphlet on Corbyn & the Labour Party. Barnsley comrades sold 89 papers across the week, including 75 at a Jeremy Corbyn rally, while in East London Tower Hamlets comrades sold 47 papers at Whitechapel tube on Friday night.

In Birmingham “We had a very good sale in spite of rain. People were very angry about grammar schools and we also gave out lots of leaflets for the PA march at the Tory party conference and for the Dalian Atkinson march in Telford. Two people joined the SWP and 3 people asked to be contacted about upcoming meetings. A couple of comrades who have not done a sale for a while joined us and felt really invigorated. We sold 40 papers. Afterwards we went for a coffee and did a ring round for the SUTR meeting on Tuesday.”

Axe the Housing Act – Build the housing summit, Saturday 22 October

Political pressure is mounting alongside grassroots campaigning against new attacks in the Housing & Planning Act. Councils now say the Pay to Stay 'tenant tax' cannot be implemented next year, and Jeremy Corbyn's promise to build 500,000 Council houses is shifting the politics.

Councils are talking about defying the Act. But at the same time Greenwich and Southwark councils, both Labour, have written to tenants threatening to enforce the Tory Act.

Next actions include:

- Leafletting and meeting at Labour conference - 26 Sept 6pm, Liverpool

- Housing block on 2 Oct march at Tory conference in Birmingham

Housing Summit : Sat October 22, NUT headquarters, Hamilton House. 11.30am

Contact or see and Facebook: Axe the Housing Act - secure homes for all