Party Notes

24th August 2015

Build now for 4 October TUC demonstration in Manchester, and People’s Assembly events 3-7 October

Solidarity with refugees and migrants
We stand with migrants and refugees against racism and scapegoating. Against the fevered calls for intensified repression, we say “Let them in”.

In an act of solidarity, Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) is organising two delegations to Calais on Saturday 5 September and Saturday 17 October. Go to Facebook page or see

Every comrade should think how they can collect money and materials and at the same time use the SUTR statement (attached) against the racist backlash.

We can work with the broad range of people who are appalled by the Tories’ reaction, raise the political issues, and sell Socialist Worker. Collect at work or in your locality.

SUTR will take the Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais on 5 September at 10.50am. If you can come with a car, please purchase your ticket for this service ASAP. People can return to Folkestone at different times depending on how far they have to travel.

1. Use the collection sheet and the SUTR statement.

2. Can you get your union branch/campaign/local mosque or church or other faith group to support the delegations, make a donation, hold a collection, send an email to its members.

3. Get together with others to send a car/van/minibus on the delegation to take your donations. This is particularly important for London and the south where it’s closest.

4. The 17 October delegation will be ideal for students once they return.

5. Doing the solidarity work will raise the political issues against racism, lead towards the 4 October demonstration in Manchester (which will have an anti-racist, pro-migrant bloc on it) and make it easier to sell Socialist Worker.

6. People who go on the delegations can report back to unions, campaigns, faith groups etc.

What’s needed?
Non-perishable food
Good quality clothing, hats, scarves, coats etc for men, women and children.
Shoes—preferably trainers or walking boots— with laces. Toiletries, candles, tents, blankets, sleeping bags, CDs, books (in any language), phones, chargers, laptops.
You can donate money for materials for Calais via the Stand Up to Racism website at

“Black Monday”: stock markets on the slide: The economic turmoil this morning underlines the fragility behind the talk of recovery. Commentators have been warning for months that the slowdown in China, the slump in commodity prices and the grinding stagnation in Europe stand in contradiction to rising stock markets. Now the stock markets have been falling amid fears that the methods to revive the economy have been exhausted. A branch meeting would be good on this: “Are we heading for another crash—and what does it mean for us?”

Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader
The exciting level of support for Jeremy Corbyn continues, and so does the welcome for us at his massive meetings. Comrades sold 73 SWs at the Nottingham meeting last week!

The Corbyn movement is a sign of revulsion against austerity and inequality. We wholly identify with that and want to see Corbyn win.

But we also know that we cannot wait nearly five years before contesting the Tory assault, and that Corbyn will face a firestorm from within Labour if he is elected.

So we also stress struggle now—the 4 October demo, solidarity with migrants, backing for strikes and so on. And we know the lesson from Greece is that the ruling class spurns democracy when it feels threatened.

This week, with the split away of the Syriza Left Platform to form Popular Unity, we saw how Syriza has become quite widely identified as an austerity party. This confounds the analysis we heard so frequently a year ago.

It’s a powerful example of why we say we need a socialist alternative to Labour, based on struggle.

Make sure you attend any Corbyn meetings to give out our leaflet (attached) and to talk to attendees about the Manchester demo on 4 October, and to sell Socialist Worker. Go to for details of meetings in Plymouth, Exeter, Sheffield, Chelmsford etc. Book early if there’s one coming your way!

The result of the Labour leadership election will be announced at a special conference on Saturday 12 September. It is very important that branches have meetings set up in advance to bring people to.
They could be on 16/17 September, but to give time to build the meeting it’s best to have it on 23/24 September. A template is at .

All roads lead to Manchester on 4 October
Build the 4 October demonstration at the Tory conference in Manchester assemble 12 noon, Oxford Road from All Saints Park southwards. Official TUC leaflets etc at

Book transport now from your area. TUC backing means we can push for funding from unions and trade councils. Make sure the transport is for everyone, not just a union’s members. Some of the transport booked is at

There are also activities (meetings, direct action, rallies) from 3-7 October in Manchester organised by the People’s Assembly, and powerful anti-racist meetings and demos.

All-out strike at National Gallery needs support
The second week of all out action at the National Gallery saw the 38 degrees petition opposing privatisation go through the roof with 130,000 people now having signed.

The PCS also had direct talks with Gabriele Finaldi, the new director, as he took up office.

Last week rank and file electricians, Unite housing workers, council workers, health workers, the Green Party, Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts and others sent delegations to the picket line.

Can you organise a delegation? If you can’t make the usual picket time (9-11am 7 days a week and 5-6pm for late night opening on Friday nights) you could arrange with the strikers to bring your delegation down at another time.

Can you use the collection sheet at your workplace to raise support? Appeal collection sheet
Donate via paypal

National Museums Scotland 7 day strike underway
A long running row over weekend allowances has led to a seven day strike by PCS members working for National Museums Scotland (NMS). The latest strike started today and goes on until the end of Sunday. About 120 members are involved, at the main site in Chambers Street and also the National War Museum.

National Gallery of Wales, all sites out Saturday 29 August
PCS members facing attacks on pay at Amgueddfa Cymru/National Museum Wales are set to strike again this week. All sites, Slate Museum, Cathays Park site, Drefach, Swansea, St Fagans, National Waterfront Museum, Big Pit Mining Village will strike on Saturday 29 August with the Big Pit Mining Village striking again on 30 and 31 August.

London Tube strike due to start TOMORROW
The RMT, TSSA and Unite unions plan strikes on London Underground starting tomorrow at 6.30pm.

Every SWP branch should get ready to bring solidarity to the picket lines if strike action goes ahead as planned. Action will run effectively from 6.30pm Tuesday 25 August until Wednesday 26 August 9pm and from 6.30pm on Thursday 27 August until 9pm on Friday 28 August.
A Socialist Worker leaflet for picket lines will be produced once news from today’s talks is concluded. Every branch in London should work out the best way of getting the flyers produced. We will also make sure that bulk copies of the leaflet go out with Socialist Worker on Tuesday evening.
A list of planned picket lines is attached.

6/9 for Palestine: demo at Wales V Israel match
On 6 September the Israeli football team comes to Wales. Israeli PR is already working to promote its image as “good sports”. This match gives a huge opportunity to say loud and clear that Israel is an apartheid state and must become a pariah state.

Work with PSC and Palestine activists to arrange transport. You can find details of transport from London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton, Walsall, Birmingham, Liverpool and elsewhere at

Please make sure it is these coaches that you book on, not those organised by other groups. If you are going from London please email
Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who bears direct responsibility for Israel’s war crimes in Gaza last summer, has been invited by the government to visit Britain in September. This will be a major mobilisation. Protest petition at

SWP national trade union meeting
With the austerity agenda gathering pace and the attack on trade union rights in the “Trade Union Bill”, activists face massive challenges.
Coming just a week after the TUC meets in Brighton this is an essential meeting for all SWP members involved in the unions and organising in their workplaces. If you can attend this event please email Leaflet at

SWP young workers’ and new members’ meeting
This dayschool is for younger workers and newer members in the SWP, for anyone organising at work as a revolutionary for the first time. Please email to confirm attendance. Leaflet at

Party education work: note new dates
Cadre Schools: There will be a series of cadre schools in the autumn. These are aimed at party members who are playing a key role in our branches or in other areas of our work:
• Southern England/Wales - to be held in Central London on Sunday 18 October from 12 noon.
• Northern England/The Midlands - to be held in Manchester on the weekend of 24/25 October.
Please note these are new dates! To register for a cadre school please email and put "Southern school" or "Northern school" as the subject line.
Capital Reading Group: We are running a Capital reading group for members, based in London. This will take place once a month on a Friday evening at 7pm. The first session will be on Friday 30 October. Those who enrol in the group will have to read a section of Capital in preparation for each session. If you wish to attend email and put "Capital" as the subject line.

Unite the Resistance conference, 14 November
With the government’s new Trade Union Bill due for its second reading in parliament in September and the TUC calling for mass protest in London on 2 November, the new laws must be top of the agenda for every trade unionist.

The Unite the Resistance conference will come just days after the bill receives its third reading and could provide a key focus for all those who want to debate how the movement can seriously defy the new laws.

John McDonnell MP, the NUT’s Kevin Courtney and BFAWU’s Ian Hodson are among the initial speakers and the platform will be joined by Greek trade union activists.

We need to make sure that the model motion calling for support for the 4 October demo in Manchester and the Unite the Resistance conference is being put to every possible trade union and campaign meeting at the start of September. Ten activists attending the Friday night solidarity picket at the National Gallery last Friday signed up for the conference.

Tickets cost £8 and £3 low paid. Register now and download the model motion and materials at
 An important new pamphlet on “Fighting the anti-union laws” is out in September from Unite the Resistance. Each copy is just £1 but you can order 10 for £7, 20 for £13, 30 for £18, 40 for £22 and 50 for £25. To order your copies now go to Order form attached

National student meeting, 12 Sept
SWP National Student Meeting: Saturday 12 September, 12 noon-5pm, central London
This is a chance for student SWP members to meet and discuss what we are doing in universities and colleges in the autumn term. The meeting will be in central London and we will be able to refund any travel expenses. Branches should contact student members (FE and HE) over the summer and encourage them to come and transport is sorted.
Please email Paddy in the Student Office on to confirm attendance or for more information or call us on 020 7819 1178.

New book: Marxism and Women’s Liberation
Coming soon from Bookmarks
Marxism and Women's Liberation by Judith Orr, £9.99, out mid-September. Judith's highly anticipated book updates our work on women's oppression, looking at the family today, the new movements around women's liberation, debates in theories of oppression, women in revolution from the English Civil War to Egypt in 2011, and more.
"For Marxists seeking to understand feminism, for feminists seeking to understand Marxism, and for anyone looking for a way to transcend the brutality of contemporary capitalism, this is essential reading.” Hester Eisenstein, author of Feminism Seduced.

Pre-order yours now - hard copies will be available at the party council on 13 September. An order form is attached which you can use to buy bulk for your branch/district at £8 per copy. Every comrade and contact should read this book so aim high. Martin from Manchester reports: "I texted round the district asking who wanted a copy and got orders for 12 within a couple of hours. I've ordered 25 and expect to need more."

Call Bookmarks on 020 7637 1848 or email the form to or post to Bookmarks, 1 Bloomsbury St, London WC1B 3QE. Judith is available to do book launches around Britain. If you would like to organise one speak to Mark Thomas in the national office.

Bookmarks the socialist bookshop prides itself on getting radical books into the hands of the activists who need them but can only do this with the support and help of trade unionists and socialists. So we are very proud to announce that Sarah Ensor is going to chuck herself into one of the coldest lakes in Britain in the interest of radical publishing.
She will be swimming the length of Coniston Water, 5.25 miles, on Saturday 5 September to raise money for Bookmarks. Please make it worth her while (and ours) by sponsoring her.

STW conference, & Don’t Bomb Syria meeting
2015 National Conference: Stop the War's AGM for members and delegates, 10am - 5pm Saturday 19 September, Student Central (ULU), Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY. Full details at If you are going to the conference please email
Don't Bomb Syria public meeting, Thurs 10 Sept • 6.30-8.30pm, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftsbury Avenue • London WC2H 8EP. Speakers include: Diane Abbott MP , Seamus Milne, Andrew Murray.

Notting Hill carnival SW sales
NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL 2015!!! – London Calling
On Monday, 31 August, we will have a SWP stall at Carnival, from 11.00am until 2.00pm at the junction of Great Western Road and Westbourne Park Road.

If anyone can get there earlier to help set up, we will meet at 10.30am at the corner of Harrow Road and Walterton Road. If you can come email

Marxism 2015: audio and video
Audio recordings from this year's Marxism are now online from and
videos at

Socialist Worker appeal
Socialist Worker Appeal launch party on Saturday 19 September, 7.30pm. Come along for music, entertainment and cheap drinks at our fundraiser. All welcome.
Appeal Video We plan a short video to promote the Appeal. If any comrades have footage (or photos) from meetings or demonstrations that might be helpful in presenting the importance of the paper, please forward to

Make sure you are at your local Pride. Manchester Gay Pride 2015 Saturday 29 August; Cornwall Gay Pride 2015 Sunday 29 August (in Truro); Kent Gay Pride 2015 Sunday 29 August (in Margate); Walsall Gay Pride 2015 Sunday 29 August; Grimsby Pride 2015 Saturday 5 Sept; Leicester Gay Pride 2015 Saturday 5 Sept; Totnes Pride 2015 Saturday 5 Sept; Reading Pride 2015 Saturday 5 Sept; Sunderland Pride 2015 Saturday 26 Sept; Lincoln Pride 2015 Sunday 27 Sept

Workplace Notes
First Great Western set to strike over bank holiday weekend
Picket lines (from around 8am) are at Paddington, Old Oak Common, Swindon, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth and Cardiff.
The strike runs from 12 midnight on Saturday 29 August and midnight on Monday 31 August.

Support John Burgess for Unison General Secretary
John Burgess the Branch Secretary of Barnet Unison is standing for general secretary of Unison. A successful campaign meeting for John’s campaign was held in Manchester on Saturday with delegates attending from around Britain.

Branches can start to nominate from 1 September.
All John’s materials are available at The Blog is being updated on a daily basis. The branch nomination letter can be viewed or downloaded here Sign up for campaign news by emailing and leave a contact number.

Defend Max Watson, lobby Thursday 27 August
On Thursday 27 August Max Watson, London Met Uni Unison Branch Secretary will be making his appeal against compulsory redundancy. Max a Unison NEC member and leading union activist is clearly being targeted for his trade union activities. The lobby runs from 12-2pm, outside the Rocket Complex, London Metropolitan University, 166-220 Holloway Road.

Indesit 48 hour strike starts Thursday 27 August
More than 200 drivers and warehouse staff at Indesit UK Ltd plan 3 further strike days in a pay dispute. Following action on 21 August. They will start a further 48 hour strike on 27 August and 24 hours on 1 September. All the strikes will start at 06.00.

The drivers, attendants and warehouse staff are based at: Andover; Barnsley; Chepstow; Gateshead; Grangemouth; Hayes (west London); Mallusk (Newtonabbey, Northern Ireland); Trafford Park (Manchester); Raunds (Northamptonshire); Sharpness (Berkeley, Gloucestershire); Wednesbury (West Midlands); and West Thurrock (Essex).

GMB Sellafield Health Monitors strikes From Tuesday 25 to Friday 28 August In Pay Dispute
Strike over pay Tuesday 25 August from 8.30am to 12.30pm with a march from Yottonfews to Sellafield Main Gate. Wednesday 26 August starting at 6.30am for two full days..

Bromley Council bin strike – 3 & 4 September@ About 100 workers, members of Unite have voted 85 per cent in favour of striking on 3 and 4 September over pay.

Fast Food Rights National Organising Day: 16 September
On 16 September the Bakers union is holding a National Organising Day hosted by the Trade Union Congress. The organising day is a space for fast food workers, union activists and community campaigners to find out more about the Fast Food Rights campaign. 10am – 6pm, @ the TUC, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3LS, (Tottenham Court Rd Tube|)

City Cruises Thames river workers to strike Thursday
RMTstaff working for City Cruises will strike on Thursday 27 August between 7am and 8pm in a fight for pay and workplace justice.

Essex FBU strike against the cuts this week Essex FBU members are involved in series of rolling strikes against huge cuts to the counties fire service. There will be picket lines at the main Essex control centre until Wednesday evening this week. See times at Rush messages of support for Essex FBU to @EssexFBU or