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September 23, 2019

After historic day on 20 September – build a bigger climate movement

Friday 20 September 2019 will go down in history as a key date in the fight against climate catastrophe. It was a day where an estimated four million people across the globe took to the streets to fight against climate chaos and ecological destruction. The largest climate mobilisation ever has opened up new debates about how to […]

October 20, 2016

Statement in response to attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, Stand Up To Racism and the SWP

The decision by Jeremy Corbyn to speak at the Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) conference on 8 October has led to some bitter attacks on him, SUTR, and the Socialist Workers Party. It is important to put the record straight. It is particularly crucial because the greatest potential damage will not be to the SWP […]

September 24, 2016

Corbyn’s victory: The Labour right are fuming, we’re cheering

The Socialist Workers Party congratulates Jeremy Corbyn on his re-election as Labour Party leader. His success is a clear sign of the feeling against austerity, racism and war. His victory can be a launch pad for increased resistance in the workplaces and on the streets. We look forward to continuing to work with Jeremy Corbyn […]

July 16, 2016

Socialist Workers Party statement on the Turkish coup

The Socialist Workers Party joins the people of Turkey in condemning the attempted military coup in that country. The plotters claim to have been defending ‘democracy and human rights’. But the Turkish army has toppled elected governments four times in the past 70 years and is currently waging a bloody war against the Kurdish people. […]

November 14, 2015

After Paris: no to racism and imperialist wars that breed horror

The appalling killings in Paris are horrific. Our sympathy is with the victims and their families and friends. But we must not allow this atrocity to fuel racism and Islamophobia. Racists and right wingers will seek to use these deaths to justify more imperialist interventions and whip up Islamophobia. We must not let them be […]

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