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February 1, 2013

Central Committee article on the SWP internal divisions, for Internal Bulletin, February 2013

How did we get here? Since the SWP national conference, held in January 2013, the party has been seen serious division and a faction has now formed in opposition to the central committee (CC). We have taken the unusual step of calling a special conference to resolve this matter. Whatever the specific issues that have […]

February 1, 2013

Central Committee article on women’s oppression, for Internal Bulletin, February 2013

The fight for women’s liberation is central to the struggle for socialism. But how do we win that liberation? The record of the SWP on the question of women’s oppression has been put into question by the inclusion in the faction document of a section on feminism. The SWP leadership is accused of seeing “feminists […]

February 1, 2013

Central Committee article on the SWP and its student work, for Internal Bulletin, February 2013

The Party and our Student Work Throughout most of the history of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), and its forerunner, the International Socialists, students have played an important role. They continue to be a vital component of the organisation, which is why the recent debates surrounding our student work are of interest to the party […]

December 16, 2011

No to a pensions sell-out

The great pensions fightback is in danger. Some trade union leaders – and the head of the TUC – are urging acceptance of a rotten deal that betrays the magnificent 30 November strike by 2.5 million workers. The 30 November strikes can be the beginning of a new era in working class resistance. This potential […]

November 20, 2011

Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists’ statement on the crisis in Egypt

Down with military rule, down with Mubarak’s rule! Revolutionaries have returned to Tahrir Square. Once again it is filled with young people who are impatient to bring the people who killed revolutionaries in January to justice, and to see freedom and social justice realised. The military courts have stolen years upon years of their lives. […]

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