Press releases

November 20, 2011

Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists’ statement on the crisis in Egypt

Down with military rule, down with Mubarak’s rule! Revolutionaries have returned to Tahrir Square. Once again it is filled with young people who are impatient to bring the people who killed revolutionaries in January to justice, and to see freedom and social justice realised. The military courts have stolen years upon years of their lives. […]

November 2, 2011

Socialist Workers Party statement on government ‘concessions’ over pensions dispute

The “concessions” offered by the government to trade unions today are absolutely no basis for settling the pensions dispute. It is more important than ever that everyone throws themselves into building the strike votes, demonstrations and wider solidarity for a mass strike on 30 November. For many months the unions have campaigned against the government’s […]

February 9, 2011

Statement on David Cameron’s muliculturalism speech

We the undersigned believe David Cameron’s statement that multiculturalism has failed was a dangerous declaration of intent. David Cameron’s speech was reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher’s infamous 1978 statement that Britain was “being swamped by alien cultures”. He has branded Britain’s Muslims as the new “enemy within” in the same way as Thatcher attacked the miners […]

July 9, 2010

Tell the Daily Express, Daily Mail and Daily Star – LGBT asylum seekers are welcome here

We condemn the disgraceful homophobic comments in the Daily Star, Daily Mail and Daily Express which attack the recent Supreme Court decision to prevent the deportation of two gay asylum seekers back to Iran and Cameroon. The Express front page on 8th June headlined “Now asylum if You’re Gay: they must be free to go […]

April 29, 2010

Blair Peach “almost certainly” killed by police

Anti-fascist activist Blair Peach was “almost certainly” killed by police, according to a police report released after 31 years. Blair, a teacher and member of the Socialist Workers Party, died on a demonstration against the Nazi National Front in Southall in 1979. The report, by Commander John Cass, was only released after a sustained campaign […]

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