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You can fill in the form a the bottom of this page or call us on 020 7840 5600, or email us at Below is a list of relevant departments in the SWP office that you can contact.

National office

For general enquiries, information on campaigns or events etc
phone: 020 7840 5600

Membership office

For membership enquiries
phone: 020 7840 5602

Trade union & workplace department

The trade union and workplace department produces leaflets around various disputes, gives help and advice about being a socialist at work, and organises activity in the trade unions.
phone: 020 7840 5605

Student office

Organises work around student unions, various student campaigns and in the NUS
phone: 020 7840 5610

Socialist Worker circulation

For information on the distribution of the weekly newspaper Socialist Worker, or to subscribe. phone: 020 7840 5601
To subscribe to Socialist Worker
To make payments

Socialist Worker editorial

To send news and reports to Socialist Worker
phone: 020 7840 5656

Socialist Review

To contact the monthly magazine, Socialist Review

International Socialism Journal

To contact the quarterly journal of the SWP
phone: 020 7840 5640

Marxism Festival

To contact Marxism Festival
phone: 020 7840 5620
website (book ticket):

All written correspondence to:

PO Box 74955, London E16 9EJ

General enquiries

For general enquiries or information on campaigns and events, please fill in the form below: