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Does privilege explain racism?

September 2020

Is racism explained by ‘white privilege’? Is oppression ultimately a systemic problem or one that emanates from ‘biased’ individuals? And, how is racism connected to wider questions of inequality and […]

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Politics and Pandemics

May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 is a turning point in human history.  Whenever it ends, the world will never be the same again. As this pamphlet is published we stand […]

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Marxism & Ecology

July 2019

What did Karl Marx contribute to our understanding of our environment? The answer is a great deal. Marx condemned capitalism not just for its exploitation of menand women, but for […]

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Fighting fascism and the far right today

June 2019

Across Europe there has been a dramatic growth of far right, racist and fascist organisations. Alongside and often inspired by the victory of Donald Trump in the US, the far […]

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Palestine: Resistance, revolution and the struggle for freedom

June 2018

Israeli troops marked the seventieth anniversary of their state’s birth by shooting dead dozens of unarmed protesters, many of them children. As this pamphlet explains, such brutality is no accident. […]