Fighting fascism and the far right today pamphlet image

Across Europe there has been a dramatic growth of far right, racist and fascist organisations.

Alongside and often inspired by the victory of Donald Trump in the US, the far right are increasingly co-operating internationally and pushing a racist narrative that ‘Western civilisation’ is under threat from ‘a Muslim invasion’.Britain is not immune to this.

This pamphlet is aimed at arming activists in the anti-racist and anti-fascist movement with the political strategies that can defeat fascism and the far right, so that we can help build a broad, united mass movement to stop them.

This new pamphlet is available as a free download as well as in hard copy for £3

To order a hard copy, please contact our circulation department on or call 020 7840 5601.

We would encourage those who download the pamphlet to make a donation towards the costs.  To donate go here

Download the pamphlet from here (filesize: 1.34 MB)

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