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The British general election on 8 June 2017 was a shattering setback for the Tories. It was also a vindication of the radical message from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The results showed that Britain was not, in general, a right wing country and that the left can win.

In this pamphlet SWP national secretary Charlie Kimber looks at the roots of Corbyn’s triumph in becoming Labour leader, puts it in the context of Labour’s history over the last hundred years and examines the potential for further successes—and the obstacles in Corbyn’s path.

The ferocious resistance to Corbyn from the Tories, their tame media and some inside the Labour Party shows how much the establishment fears the message that change is possible.

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour and the Fight for Socialism is for everyone who rejoiced at Corbyn’s successes and wants to carry it through. It’s for all those who want a world where people come before profit – whether they are in the Labour Party or not.

This new pamphlet is available as a free download as well as in hard copy for £3.

To order a hard copy, please contact our circulation department on or call 020 7840 5601.

We would encourage those who download the pamphlet to make a donation towards the costs.  To donate go here

Download the pamphlet from here (filesize: 1.66 MB)

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