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World leaders will descend on Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit in November. Delayed a year by the Covid crisis, it is being talked up by politicians and the media as a “last chance” to solve the climate crisis.It comes in a year that’s hammered home the terrifying reality of the climate crisis with floods, wildfires, hurricanes and droughts. But, as the COP26 name suggests, it is actually the 26th summit in a quarter of a century of failure.

In this pamphlet, socialist and climate activist Martin Empson argues it’s because the solutions of the COP process are limited by capitalist priorities. To deliver climate action and justice, we need to break with the profit system and fight for a socialist world that puts people and planet first.

To order a hard copy, please contact our circulation department on or call 020 7840 5601

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Download the pamphlet from here (filesize: 768.68 KB)

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