Who we are

The Socialist Workers Party is a revolutionary socialist party with branches across Britain. We fight against oppression, exploitation and environmental destruction. We think that the problems in society come from a system, capitalism, that prioritises profit above all else. We want to see a revolution where the majority of people take control of society and transform the world.

We organise on a day to day basis by taking part in campaigns, protests and events.

Theory is important to us. See our ideas and theory page to find out more.

How we work


The SWP has branches across the country that hold political meetings and are involved in local campaigns. The events these branches hold are open to everyone. Visit our branch meetings page to find the one nearest to you.

Our Publications

We produce two regular publications:

Socialist Worker: a weekly newspaper which gives an anti-capitalist perspective on the news. You can access it online or buy it from SWP members at protests, meetings and in workplace. You can also subscribe.

International Socialism Journal: Our theoretical journal comes out four times a year with longer and more challenging articles that help to offer a deeper understanding of socialist theory.


Our YouTube channel features hundreds of videos including live streamed events, short explainer videos and meetings from Marxism Festival in the past. Check it out to get a taste of what we’re about!

Workplaces & trade unions

In the SWP we think working class people can change the world. As a result we make big efforts to organise in the workplace. Our members are active in trade unions, strikes and workplace campaigns where we organise, agitate and sell Socialist Worker newspaper.


Historically students have played an important role in social struggles – from 1968 in Paris to the school climate strikes in recent years. In the SWP our students organise through Socialist Worker Student Societies (SWSS). SWSS groups hold regular political meetings and are involved in campaigns on campus against racism, for climate justice, and cuts & austerity and so on.

Bookmarks bookshop

Books are weapons – arm yourself! Bookmarks Bookshop is an independent socialist bookshop and is the best place to buy all your socialist books.

Marxism Festival

Every year in early July we host Marxism Festival – a four day political festival involving political debate, culture and live music.


We are part of the International Socialist Tendency, a grouping of revolutionary socialist organisations committed to fighting for socialism from below